I thought of @busybeingjennifer several times this weekend because I was making a tshirt quilt and thought she would probably be appalled at my methods #DIY #Ihatemeasuring #justeyeballit :)

David’s playing around with cutting cucumbers, imagining using them in place of the nori in #sushi :)

August Favorites: Blender Bottle Review & No-Stink Dish Cloth

When I saw my friend, Karla, using her Blender Bottle, I thought it looked like an excellent alternative to getting our blender dirty every time we wanted a protein shake. I don’t know about you, but I “ain’t got time for that” in the morning. So I finally got around to purchasing one when I […]
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This is what my day looks like. #errandswithfriends

How to Simplify Decision Making

This year we got down to business and defined a few things that have and will continue to help simplify our decision making. We defined 3 things we want to center our lives around, as well as 3 principles we want to live by, and these create a filter for us to run decisions through. […]
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Just sat down at my computer to find this :) #loveher

These had better be good! Just paid twice as much for half the amount that we usually get because quesadillas for lunch…

Little friends with little costumes.

One of the pictures @rhondayoder sent David for me when we had no communication for 8 months :) #tbt #pictureofapicture

Are You Choosing Rejection?

A long while ago I ran across this guy on YouTube who was doing an experiment of sorts on rejection. It was pretty cool – taking a risk, asking people if he could do some pretty random/cray things, or asking people to do random/crazy things for him – just to see what would happen, and […]
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