First #roadtrip meal is killing it :)

#roadtrip #whatsinmysuitcase thinking about doing an #ootd if I can remember

I can’t get over how different I look. 10 yrs… just got a new #passportpic

This is the #haul I made from the little store outside our house today :) #imagination

I mean… #nomnom

A coworker gave me this #diamondring back in the day. I thought it was funny. #dimeandring #cleaningout

Pretty sure this was from one of my #Chinese boyfriends back in my #China days… can’t even remember who. #funnymemories

A Serious Case of Mom Brain + July Favorites!

When I was pregnant with our oldest, Maeve, 7+ years ago, I quickly discovered how real “pregnancy brain” was. Previously, words had flowed quickly and naturally from my lips. Suddenly, I was constantly trying to jolt common words out of the back of my brain where they seemed to have gone into hiding. I didn’t […]
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Ran across this #heart stump last night. #loveinnature

Are Your “Success Muscles” Flabby?

Abraham Maslow said “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” The reality is that you can never just stay in one place. As soon as you think you’re just settled, you’re really moving backward. It happens so quickly that you become stuck in a rut. Letting yourself get […]
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