Maeve’s first loaf of bread since getting home. Pretty impressive that she remembered most of the recipe from four months ago :) #littlebaker

Maeve just lost her second tooth :) on the way home from #MinsTour

The kids did such an awesome job at the #MinsTour tonight that we got them ice cream cones on a day that is not Sunday :)

Got to meet #TheMinimalists for approx 30 seconds tonight. Even though I helped proof read their book #EverythingThatRemains, they are funnier and MUCH warmer in person than I would have guessed :) @ryannicodemus @joshuafieldsmillburn

On a little #familywalk after a looong day of errands and meetings

We have some animals riding along today… day 2 #roadtrip

My dear @cynth5602 making #chilerellenos for us the other night. Duh me forgot to take a pic of the finished product, probably because we were busy stuffing them in our face holes… #nomnom

I never stopped using my #boppy. It makes such a great sleeping pillow, #roadtrip pillow, etc. #truestory

Somehow it always seems to be a small miracle that we fit on the way home… this time it involves sitting on a body pillow. #notcomplaining I should always do this.

Hello Mr #Owl #cupcake